By me


(2011) Impossible love does not exist as love appeared already.

(2011) The one who seeks happiness is condemned by those who don’t

(2011) Love, love, love..

Love is dead, love died…

I have killed love….

…..or was it born again?

(2011) The unexpected hits me every time I know myself.

(2011) Blessed are the ones with fear finding the challenge.

(2001) Si la realité est devenu rêve je peux mourir.

(2003) The urge for freedom is greater than the illusion.

(1991) The future is the illusion of tomorrow

(2005) To define the structure of the universe, we need to enter ourselves.

(2005) Reality is interrupted by open eyes

(1991) Dream the dream and live the life.

             Live the dream and dream of life.

(1993) Het antwoord op ons bestaan is te vinden in de vergetelheid van de oorsprong

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